Our mission

"To introduce the excellence of genuine and quality italian cheese all over the world, starting from the experience gained over more than 100 years and from the passion of five generations to reconcile tradition and innovation, a bond with the territory and respect for the environment.""

We have cared about the persons and the places where we operate for more than a century. we updated our corporate mission in 2016 so that it reflects more effectively our strong local roots, our attention to the environment and to the well-being of the local communities.

Our constant commitment regarding transparency and conditions of fairness in business management finds a practical expression in the formalisation of our code of ethics and the organisation, management and control model, pursuant to legislative decree no. 231/01.

Model 231      Code of ethics

Zanetti joined "The supply chain initiative "at the beginning of 2017, this initiative was launched in 2013 by seven european associations to promote good practices in conducting commercial transactions within the food supply chain.