Our commitments

Distribuzione responsabile

Responsible distribution

There are many ways to reduce CO2 emissions associated with transporting and storing goods. We work together with our forwarding agents to achieve this target every day, and privilege partners who are attentive to their impact on the environment.

Eliminazione di gas inquinanti

Elimination of polluting gases

We are currently reducing the use of CFC or HCFC type refrigerant gases, up to their total elimination; these gases are among the polluting gases responsible for the hole in the ozone layer. We have replaced the CFC or HCFC type gases with non-synthesis, non-polluting gases. Furthermore, the use of these natural gases enables a reduction in the consumption primary energy to be achieved, with savings which can even reach 10% per kW used.

Consiglio di bontà

"Consiglio di bontà" (council of goodness)

Zanetti became a member of the “Consiglio di Bontà” (Council of Goodness) in 2016, the Council is a team created by “Fratelli Carli” to unite some components of its supply chain with the objective of promoting and coordinating initiatives regarding sustainability within its supply chain.

Conscious waste management

We have entrusted waste management to specialised companies to ensure the traceability in every phase of the disposal process.

Disposal of specific waste.

We pay special attention to the proper disposal of all polluting waste (filters, spent oil). The by-products of the processing operations are managed in compliance with the provisions of law and in an informed manner: they are included in a virtuous recycle flow, where possible, and entrusted to specialised companies that utilise them to produce biogas.

Separate collection.

Recyclable materials, for example, paper, cardboard, glass and plastic are collected separately in all our production facilities.

Upgrading the decantation tanks.

Our cheese factories are equipped with purifiers to treat the washing water, and the outgoing washing water is suitable to be channelled to public water courses.

Bonifica anti-amianto

Asbestos clean-up

In 2010 we performed a complete clean-up of the fibre-cement roofing materials containing asbestos.

The clean-up plan was preceded by a phase to assess the state of maintenance of the materials. The operations were performed in full compliance with the legislation on the disposal and risk prevention on site.

Packaging sostenibile

Sustainable packaging

The plastic material inside our packaging is minimised to reduce, as much as possible, the use of materials with a high environmental impact, consistent with the food safety laws and regulations.

The manual film used to seal the pallets is 8-10 micron pre-stretched film. This enables the yield of the binding material to be optimised with a smaller quantity of plastic.
The machinable film is standard, and has a thickness of 15 micron, because our binding platforms and the pallet wrapping robots perform a pre-stretching operation that enables us to limit the costs and reduce the plastic per packaging unit.