Persons and territory


We have always been attentive to the well-being of our employees, to ensure employment opportunities for the local communities and working conditions which promote a better quality of life.

1. Safety at the work place

We carry out the training activities necessary to ensure the health and safety of our personnel on a continuous basis.
In 2016 Zanetti spa interviewed all of its employees regarding the safety perceived at the work place.
71% of people who have been interviewed replied:

  • - 90% perceive the work environment as safe
  • - 91% believe that the courses organized by the company provide adequate support to the identification of risk factors
  • - 94% believe that the courses give clear indications on how to avoid being exposed to the risks

2. Transversal training

We organise training programmes designed to enhance the transversal skills of our human resources.
At the end of the 2016-17 period 45% of the staff employed by Zanetti SpA (office workers and middle management) will have gained access to the improvement courses regarding professional skills and expertise.

3. Integration of workers

22% of our employees are foreign workers and many of them have a limited knowledge of the Italian language.
Everyone will attend an Italian language course during 2017; the course is designed to promote integration and the correct understanding of the working documentation and the safety laws and regulations.

4. Canteen facility

A canteen facility is available to the employees, at a very low cost, in the operating centres with a larger number of staff, in order to optimise the time and avoid the need to travel during the lunch break.


For a company like Zanetti, characterised by a production strategy closely linked to a precise geographical location, the territory takes on an essential importance.

The Company's facilities are located in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Trentino Alto Adige, in areas with a well-founded dairy tradition that, over time, have been able to preserve the knowledge and know-how that today makes Italian cheeses so popular across the globe.

Zanetti's commitment to the territory is based on three cornerstones:

Guaranteeing employment opportunities for local communities;

Operating with maximum respect for the environment to minimise all and any impacts;

Exploit the peculiarities of the places of origin of the products, in order to create development for the territory by promoting the Italian food supply chain.

1. Short production chain

We limit transport and process the milk in the places of origin, using local labour: the milk producers are situated at a distance of no more than 40 km from the cheese factories.

2. Production facilities

Our historical "maturation room" in Marmirolo (MN) and the cheese factories in San Gervasio Bresciano (BS) and Cella di Noceto (PR) are located in the places of origin of the raw materials, as required by the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label. A virtuous circle, synonymous of responsibility towards the environment and the community.

3. The permanent meadows and the forested plain

The cheese factory in Marmirolo (MN) is located in a territory that is particularly healthy, where one of the last forested plains of the Po Valley Plain is to be found, in the Bosco Fontana Natural Reserve. The surrounding areas are characterised by the presence of permanent meadows: land suitable for grazing, characterised by a plant biodiversity that results in a balanced and complete forage, with pronounced nutritional properties.