Zanetti fully acknowledges the key centrality of its employees and the importance of establishing relations with its human capital on the core principles of transparency, loyalty and trust, abiding by the conduct and behavior endorsed by its own Code of Ethics.

Zanetti has always been attentive to the well-being of its employees, to ensure employment opportunities for the local communities and safe working conditions which promote a better quality of life.

Safety at the workplace

Zanetti is fully aware that paying attention to high levels of occupational health and safety for the human resources are essential elements for any company. The Company undertakes to ensure all the necessary preventive measures are put in place against occupational accidents and diseases. Zanetti also informs all employees on the potential risks they might face in performing various occupational tasks and activities.

Specific training

In addition to the training courses dedicated to health and safety, Zanetti also provides specific training, based on the belief that the professional growth of its people reflects itself in a general Company improvement.

Equal opportunities

As illustrated in its Code of Ethics, the Company undertakes to guarantee all employees equal opportunities at the workplace. This is all the more important for a sector that traditionally attracts male workers, especially in the production departments. Zanetti condemns all forms of harassment, physical or psychological, that violate human dignity, both inside and outside the workplace.

Sustainability awareness

In 2018 the company launched the Zanetti Newsletter Project, a channel used to promote communication within the Company: periodic newsletters entitled “Did you know that...?”, for all the employees, to disseminate good manufacturing practices and provide in-depth insights on different sustainability and health and food safety topics, such as: voluntary certifications, the fight against food waste, the P.D.O., biological hazards, the storage types and packing procedures.