Sustainability performance

Sustainability Reporting represents an opportunity for self-evaluation and new goals definition so as to achieve greater levels of transparency together with complete and open communication with the stakeholders.

To provide an annual representation of Zanetti’s performances, the Company reports on the most relevant economic-financial, social and environmental issues through qualitative and quantitative indicators that refer to the most widespread international standards: the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

Zanetti’s stakeholders

The Company’s stakeholders are those subjects – individuals, entities or institutions – who influence or are influenced by Zanetti, or those who, to some degree, have an interest in achieving its objectives. Identifying the main Company stakeholders is crucial to integrate their views within the materiality analysis.

The most relevant sustainability topics

The context analysis, the direct involvement of the stakeholders and the internal evaluation by the Company’s Management, make the identification of the economic-financial, social and environmental topics - the most relevant ones for both Zanetti and its stakeholders – possible.


Sustainability reporting

Discover all the documents with which Zanetti has reported on its sustainability commitments