Green gems with provolone

Green gems with provolone

Extimated time

15 minutes

Quantity for

6 serve

  • Provolone Zanetti200 g
  • Floury potatoes750 g
  • Spinach800 g
  • Flourto taste

Boil the potatoes, peel them while still hot and then put them in the potato masher. Take the spinach and boil it, adding a little salt. When cooked, drain well and chop finely before mixing it with the mashed potatoes.
Then add half the finely chopped Provolone Zanetti to the mixture, the flour, the eggs and as much salt as you like.
Use your hands to create a consistent dough, dividing it into several pieces and shape little balls, before cooking them in boiling salted water.
Now you can slowly drain the gnocchi, put them in a mixing bowl and season them with the leftover provolone and a pinch of pepper.

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