Salami and taleggio lasagne

Salami and taleggio lasagne

Extimated time

60 minutes

Quantity for

4 serve

  • Pasta for lasagne500 g
  • Taleggio DOP Zanetti200 g
  • Fresh milk1 l
  • White flourto taste
  • Salami paste200 g
  • Grana padano DOP Zanettito taste
  • Red wine1 glass
  • Salt and pepperto taste

Sautè the salami paste for 2 minutes on the hob and pour it into a colander: when dry, put it back into a pot and simmer with a drop of red wine.
Meanwhile, prepare the cream sauce with the milk and cook it on the hob.
When ready, remove it from the heat and add the Taleggio DOP and salami paste to the same pot, adding the desired salt and pepper.
Now is the time to prepare the lasagna. Stretch out the pasta, putting the right quantity of Taleggio mixture between one layer and another: the result must be smooth and compact. Sprinkle each layer with Grana Padano DOP and serve.

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