Valtellinese-style pizzoccheri

Valtellinese-style pizzoccheri

Extimated time

135 minutes

Quantity for

4 serve

  • Water250 ml
  • Buckwheat400 g
  • Salt2 pinches
  • White flour100 g
  • Butter100
  • Grana Padano150 g
  • Potatoes350 g
  • Valtellina Casera DOP Zanetti250 g
  • Swiss chard250 g
  • Pepperto taste

For the pizzoccheri: mix the two flours, adding water to the bowl and knead. Wrap the dough in cling film and leave to stand for 30 minutes. Stretch the puff pastry out with a rolling pin, cut strips (2-3 mm thick and 7-8 cm wide) and spread one over another, with a sprinkle of flour so they do not stick. Cut the strips (roughly 5 mm wide) and leave them to stand.

For the dressing: clean the Swiss chard by tearing off the stem and cut the peeled potatoes into small pieces. Boil the vegetables on the hob for 5 minutes, then mix them with the pizzoccheri. After cooking for 10 minutes, drain and lay them on a hot baking tray, alternating the strips of grated Grana and the flakes of Valtellina Casera DOP.Melt the butter with the garlic and pour it over the pizzoccheri, adding a pinch of pepper.

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